3 Types Of Wood That Are Commonly Used To Make Signs

If you want to make a really rustic and visually appealing sign, you should consider having a custom sign made out of wood. Wood signs generally have a certain level of class with them. Wood signs are generally used inside of businesses, since it takes a lot of care in order to keep a wooden sign from becoming damaged outside.

1. Plywood

If you want a sign made out of wood, but are looking for a material that will be affordable, plywood is the way to go. Plywood tends to fall right in line with the cost of other sign material and is not as expensive as other types of wood.

The plywood is generally smoothed down and then a thin layer of fiberglass sheeting is laminated onto the wood. This strengthens the wood and makes the surface of it smoother for custom messages.

Messages are generally either printed on the thin fiberglass sheeting applied to the plywood, or they are painted directly onto the plywood.

2. Redwood

Redwood is a commonly used type of wood to make signs out of. Redwood is popular because the material does not decay or rot easily, giving it a longer life than other types of wood. Many wood eating insects also do not enjoy eating redwood, which further extends the life of the wood and of your sign.

Due to the high quality and long life of the redwood, this type of wood tends to be a more expensive sign-making material. You don't want to use redwood for throwaway signs; you want to use it to make signs that you want to use for years to come.

Redwood signs are generally made by sandblasting away the wood around the outline of the letters for the sign; leaving the letters raised above the rest of the wood. The wood can be left in its natural state, or it can be stained or painted in order to make the words on it pop out and stand out more.

3. Cedar

Another common type of wood for custom signs is cedar. Cedar wood is softer than other woods, but it also does not decay or break down very easily. That means, once the sign has been created, the resulting sign will last for a long time.

Cedar signs are generally created using either the same sand blasting method uses on redwood signs or through hand carving.

Cedar is also a popular material because cedar has a very light, aromatic odor to it that many people find pleasant. Additionally, the colors range from a really deep honey brown tone all the way to a light amber tone, allowing for great natural color versatility.

The most affordable and simplest way to get a wooden sign for your business is to commission the creation of a plywood sign. If you have a little more money to spend, and are looking to make a sign that will last for a long time and remain aesthetically pleasing, you should commission a redwood or cedar sign instead.

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