Four Tips For Creating An Effective Sign

When you need a sign for your company, the possibilities seem endless. With so many designs, fonts, and styles, it is important to know what components are associated with a highly successful commercial sign. Taking a few moments to understand some of the elements for success ensures your sign is a hit.

1. Use the Right Words

To encourage sales and attract customers, use persuasive words on your sign. Some of the most persuasive words are you, guarantee, and free. Other effective options include quick, free, hurry, new, bargain, and proven. Find out what is important to your sign's audience, and use this as guidance when drafting your message.

Don't use too many words on your sign, as short messages are more useful at quickly getting the message across. Signs with too many words encourage your audience to scan the sign rather than actually taking the time to read it. With the popularity of Twitter and its limit of 140 characters, our average attention span is shorter than ever. Edit your sign to remove unnecessary words without sacrificing its ultimate message. 

2. Select a Suitable Font

You want the font of your sign to fit its message. It also needs to be easy for individuals to read as they quickly pass by the sign. The 'frutiger" font is recommended for sign usage due to its universal appeal. It is considered a warm front that creates characters that are easy for the audience to read.

"Futura" is another popular choice if you have to use smaller text on your sign. This font is based on geometric shapes and conveys efficiency.

Make sure the font on your sign is large enough, especially if you will be serving customers who may suffer from declining vision.

3. Give the Sign a Test Run

Your sign may look amazing when you are previewing it from a few feet away. To determine if it is actually operative, test it in conditions similar to how potential customers will be viewing it. Will they be creeping by the sign during rush hour traffic, or will they zoom past it at high speeds? Do they have to read the sign from across the street? Make sure it is visible under different conditions and situations that real customers will encounter.

4. Make the Sign Fun

People encounter hundreds of signs each day. Make your sign pop so that it catches their attention. Clean jokes, puns, and humorous graphics are just a few simple ways to spruce up your sign.

A sign functions as a marketing tool, attracting potential customers to your business. Follow these simple tips to make your sign as powerful as possible. For help with your signs, contact a company, such as interior signs by Comsign Architectural Signage.